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#102 Author athos 07 Oct 05, 12:16 Comment @J. Paul Murdock 07 Oct 05, 10:43 Comment The usual question on saying that I come from Britain is any permutation on "So you live in London?" So much so that I was flabberghasted when a guy from Berlin had actually. ".'unauffindbar'!" #280 Author Jalapeno 20 Oct 05, 10:06 Comment Das mit dem Erstwhlercheck ist schon schlimm, aber noch schlimmer fand ich einen Politikercheck, genauer: es wurden Mitglieder des Bundestags gefragt, was denn Art.

#313 Author Alex 04 Nov 05, 14:37 Comment Sorry, LEO spinnt rum. And she said "no, the last one was wwii, when were there any other wars?" I asked her "Have you ever heard of the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Persian Gulf War? At the end of the semester, that teacher divorced her husband, married some guy she had met only a couple of weeks before and ran off to Italy with him. Or so I hope :o) #77 Author Anja 05 Oct 05, 16:50 Comment Okay, I knew I would remember more entries for this thread. Wising up to American "humour she answered the same question with "Great Britain". #192 Author TLE 14 Oct 05, 11:04 Comment @Jalapeno knnte Metten/Donau sein. Of course i meant.the teacher taught.

Kerstin's father's wise words proven yet again. I think, a lot of people make the "50 states plus Alaska and Hawaii" error, and then probably also count.C. No, no, this *is* really cost-effective. gradnochdiekurvegekriegt* Danke fr den Kaffee. Re: shaving - bei meinem Vorbereitungsseminar fr das High School Jahr wurde uns hnliches erzhlt (Duschen, Rasieren) wobei die Veranstalter damals einige irritierte Blicke ernteten, denn die meisten Teilnehmerinnen rasierten sich ohnehin schon Beine und Achseln (1994). #254 Author Selkie 17 Oct 05, 09:29 Comment Rex@ Du wirst doch wohl deine Heimatgalaxy kennen. I still insist that a hairy chest is masculine.

#67 Author ptero 05 Oct 05, 12:32 Comment @ JR: Bei uns heien die matt wei/dunkelroten, samtigen Erdbeeren auf hohen Stielen Pressling. #187 Author hm - us 14 Oct 05, 03:48 Comment Now I can finally join this discussion! This definition would seem to me to be virtually identical to that of a democracy. #82 Author aldi 05 Oct 05, 21:05 Comment Thanks aldi! Gibts da eigentlich feste Landesgrenzen?" Ich: Warum hast du mich nicht deinen argentinischen Freunden vorgestellt, da htten wir ein bisschen Spanisch sprechen knnen! Seit ich die 30 hinter mir gelassen habe, kommt auch bei mir so alle drei bis vier Wochen mal ein Epiliergert zum Zuge *seufz* (aber im Vergleich zu anderen "Pelztierchen" habe ich echt diesbezglich das groe Los. @Maija: Welcome to LEO congratulations on your successful first post. #149 Author TLE 12 Oct 05, 13:16 Comment @CJ LOL yep, but with the American way of chilling rooms to freezing temperatures in summer and heating them tropically in winter I wonder: Do I have to shave. #240 Author #44608; / KIM 15 Oct 05, 08:33 Comment I can also never remember the correct number of US states (maybe this discussion helps but at least the New Model Army song "51st state of America" helps a bit.

#169 Author Chris_791 (AT) 13 Oct 05, 11:49 Comment It is not that silly but kind of related to the above from Chris, I lost count of how many times variations of the below dialog have happened to me: Deutsche:. #29 Author uri 04 Oct 05, 14:37 Comment @chaja auch wenn mein nick anderes vermuten lsst, mit meinen Franzsischkenntnissen ist es nicht weit her. Like several of the questions attributed to Americans in this thread, that one sounds distinctly like a joke." I'm sorry, but when Americans come over to Europe as tourists and all they see are Austrians and Bavarians in Lederhose. (after introducing myself and telling where I was born and grew up) (I wonder if the folks from down under are asked questions about the Trapp family when traveling.) #112 Author Ulrich05 09 Oct 05, 16:41 Comment I'm currently. All Australian snakes are perfectly harmless, can be safely handled and make good pets, especially The Taipans. Computer Hardware, education, deutsche Sporthochschule Kln, diploma, Sportmanagement and Economic, hermann Bse Gymnasium studied. Author, selkie 04 Oct 05, 12:53, comment, a guy from UK (he was only here for a few days) asked me why German were so fond of funk music.

Ignorance this bad is scary. It isn't necessarily unreasonable as a question, but I found it strange because I usually visit a place at least once before I decide to quit my job, sell my house and move. (Oder meine ich das nur? 11 terrorist attacks she asked me, "If we go to war it will be bad, but at the same time it will be kind of cool because all those cool old-fashioned hairstyles and clothes will get popular again". #222 Author mre (US) 14 Oct 05, 15:08 Comment Und meins sollte heien: erst vergesse ich die Hlfte #223 Author dj 14 Oct 05, 15:08 Comment @ chaja *neidvollschiel* aber im Ernst: Du hast Recht, es war schon. Macon - Ja-Macan - Jamaican #160 Author Alan (US/DE) 12 Oct 05, 14:48 Comment @Alan You're probably right. Laos jeder Strom und Waschmaschine hat.

#257 Author kikrt 17 Oct 05, 10:45 Comment In one of the lLillian Jackson Brown stories, there is a scene where the Moose County assembly discusses if a new flag should be bought, as the current. After a year, they still introduced me as "Chrissy from East Germany". Nur eines steht fest: Wer sich nicht bewirbt, der bekommt keinen Studienplatz! I was just speaking to fast or he was a slow listener. Die Chemikalien sind doch hnlich agressiv wie die bei der Dauerwelle. (UK) A: You are a British politician, right? #215 Author nja 14 Oct 05, 14:45 Comment Habe was vergessen: The State Rhode Island and Providence Plantations #216 Author dj 14 Oct 05, 14:49 Comment @nja: Afghanistan war doch jahrelang in den Nachrichten, auch schon vor dem jngsten Krieg. Hilfe - Gibt es heute denn keinen Erdkundeunterricht mehr? Und auch, ob die Leute in El Paso viele Pferde htten.

Though judging from her knowledge of geography, she probably didn't even find her way there. One camp was located in Jena, an East German city. Everyone expects to get off the plane and see people riding camels. Ganz baff schaue ich die Dame an und frage blde "Warum?". @Chaja - da werde ich aber auch neidisch (-: #220 Author dj 14 Oct 05, 15:03 Comment ups. #275 Author girly-girl 19 Oct 05, 21:12 Comment eigentlich keine Frage sondern eine Antwort und eine Geschichte, die endlich mal wieder ablenkt vom Eindreschen auf die div.

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